I had the pleasure of attending a baseball game in Boston’s historical Fenway Park last night. The actual game was a blast! The intimate ballpark was filled with admiring fans and the flow of beer and hot dogs seemed endless. Almost every Red Sox enthusiast – male or female- was adorned in Red Sox gear. You could barely see the green behind the sea of red, white and blue.  I began to wonder weather I was witnessing a sports outing or a premature fourth of July party! Being a former back bay resident and Boston College Alum, I have discovered some of the best ways to embrace the dominant athletic culture of bean town while still looking fashionable at least somewhat fashionable!  I thought I would share with you some of my discoveries:

1. Most important – the men of Boston think all athletic gear is hot!
2. Vintage inspired sport pieces are always great. Check out store 47 on Newbury street or the stores around Fenway Park.
3. Do not be scared of the homemade “sports dress” it is cool and easy to pair a narrow tee or tank with an even longer tee/tank to form your own little “sportress” as US Weeekly might call it! I find American Apparel has some of the best long tees for this look!
4. Do not forget a long sleeve tee or hoodie for the night time air – it gets chilly!
5. If there is ever a time to embrace Ms. Britney Spears this is it – wear everything and anything with jean shorts to a game.
5. Feel free to borrow from your man! Nothing is hotter or warmer than men’s gear.
6. Do not forget your shades! It gets very sunny and sunglasses never fail to add a hint of style.
7. Most importantly, do no forget you are at a game. Have fun!! trust me the game is the center of attention for once!

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