I try to base my blogs on only the best that fashion, beauty and my personal experience has to offer readers. I do not feel it is productive to be negative.  However, I cannot help critiquing an add I saw today in the May edition of Today’s Chicago Woman. I am normally a fan of this magazine and appreciate that the content focuses on strong, successful women in the Chicagoland area.  This is why the last photo soot was disturbing to me.

The shoot entitled “Gold Digger” featured a woman who was a dead ringer for Anna Nicole Smith.  The model had the same platinum curls, red lips, and plastic breasts as the late star. She was draped in designer clothes and diamonds, but her number one accessory seemed to be her husband or dare I say “sugar daddy”  in a wheel chair. Yes wheelchair.


The first photograph features “Anna” (clad in head to toe gold) wheeling her man and his cashmere blanket.  The second, displays the couple cuddling in his chair between a colorful fur piece. Someone must have helped the poor man out of his wheelchair to change into silk pajamas for the third photo where he can be seen presenting his young vixen with yet another piece of diamond jewelry. This must have really tired the gentleman out because he is practically dead with a thermometer hanging out of his mouth in the fourth shot.  The final photo depicts “Anna” rolling around in her wedding dress with a glass champaign – he much not have much longer!


I realize that the interpretation of a photo is all subjective, but this is what I saw when I looked at the photo spread. I am not usually bothered by these types of images but the fragile state of the man disturbed me. Next time please lose the chair….

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