I was doing a little shopping this week and wanted to try on a few things in a store. I contemplated putting everything back on the rack when I was asked to wear “the mask.” In case you do not know what I am referring to “the mask” is this dreadful piece of fabric or netting that goes over the face to avoid getting makeup on the garment. While I understand the store’s point of view – why risk getting some woman’s war paint all over something she is most likely not going to purchase – I still hate it! There is something a bit off putting , even slightly insulting to me about someone asking me to put on a mask. However once I saw a fellow shopper walk out of the fitting room with two tops covered in bronzer, I realized I may have put my lipstick in my mouth so to speak.

After that embarrassing scene, I gladly put on “the mask”. It resembled my grandmother’s shower cap only it was very blue and very soft. “The mask” even fit very nicely over my face without smudging my makeup. I sort of liked it! (I later discovered they were confiscated from a tanning salon! Haha) Going forward, I will be wearing “the mask” in some fitting rooms if I am trying on a light colored or fragile piece. It is not worth ruining merchandise or even worse paying for the damage! So yes, I will be embracing “the mask” but that doesn’t leave the dressing room!

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