I have been doing an excessive amount of traveling over the last few years. I travel often for work and it is my favorite thing to do for fun. Right now I am on a buying trip in New York and realized that I missed a few steps in what I like to call the “T ROUTINE”. The “T” stands for two things – travel and of course me, Tracy. The ROUTINE is a series of   things that I do in preparation for a trip.

The “T ROUTINE” is a beauty regime designed to make you look great while remaining low maintenance. The first and most important step in my opinion is to get a manicure and pedicure. People always notice your hands in particular, so it is important to have them appear to be well kept. I would recommend a no chip/shellac manicure. It lasts the longest and dries the quickest.

The second step of the ” T ROUTINE” is to pay a visit to your favorite esthetician.  An eyebrow wax (and lip or whatever else if need be) is a must. It shapes the face in a great way and will make life easier.   Who wants to fuss with brows in a poorly lit hotel bathroom? Plus, tweezers will easily be confiscated in a carry on bag and we all love our Tweezermans!

Finally, the third step of the “T ROUTINE” is hair. It is important have freshly colored and cut hair. This will allow it to look better in new, unfamiliar climates and endure hotel products which most people tend to use. New hair can also save us from a bad haircut. We all do impulsive things on vacation but cutting our hair off or dying it purple should not be one of them!

I am off to indulge in step one right now –  Hope the “T ROUTINE” helps….

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