The name The Row is derived from Savile Row, an iconic shopping and tailoring street in Mayfair, central London.  When the company first started, the goal was to find the “perfect tee”.  The twins have recently set up a very interesting way to continue on their grand search.  If you want to take a crack at finding the “perfect tee” for yourself, it might be worth checking out the Olson Twins’ new internet venture:  a website called

You answer about 13 different verbal/visual questions pertaining to your style.  Questions include things like which magazines you read, how you accessorize, what you would wear on a date, etc, etc.  I have to admit it is a rather fun process.  It reminded me of the days when I used to fill out those surveys in Teen Magazine, only this one is a little harder to predict the outcome.  Some of the questions did not pertain to me and I did not like all the options I had to choose from BUT at the end of the day it was fun! I ended up liking 2 of the 4 tee shirts they selected.  You should give it a shot! At a minimum it takes 5 minutes and is fun. How do you say no to an Olson Twin anyway!