I just got home and arranged two gorgeous groups of flowers in my vases. I am obsessed with flowers and always have at least one display in my home. For whatever reason they just put me in a better mood and make my apartment look and feel loved. I don’t believe I am alone in this. I have noticed over the years that almost every single person I know who is involved in the Fashion Industry loves flowers. I cannot think of a showroom that I have been to without at least one floral arrangement. The most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen was in the Valentino showroom in Milan. I personally am not a huge fan of roses. Everyone knows what a rose is and they are so readily available. No effort or taste required with a rose. However, I ate my words when I saw the display of roses in Valentino. They were multi colored and arranged in such a perfectly random way. I wanted them almost as badly as some of the dresses. Ok. Not really but they were stunning! I suppose when people are drawn to fashion  they inevitably gravitate towards all things beautiful.




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