I have always had a weird thing with men taking me out on dates in the city via taxi cab.  I realize that it is polite for men to hail the cab, open the door and allow the woman to enter the car first. However, that last part just does not work for me.  My perfect date will hail the cab, open the door and get in first himself. That whole “slide in” move is uncomfortable and could possibly create an embarrassing situation considering that women tend to wear high heels and a sexy outfit when going out for a hot Chicago night.  Neither of these garments allow us to carelessly slide across the back of the car or any seat of furniture for that matter.  If a man really is in touch with his feminine side or more likely (who are we kidding) has encountered a “non-slider” this will not be an issue.  But if you really like him and refuse to slide, it is an option to humorously inform him of the drill before he makes the common mistake!  Hell, you may not even care!  In that case, still keep reading because even worse is the “slide out”. When you slide so do your other garments = Hello Britney Spears Moment!! And I am sure you can imagine the other moments that will be associated even with clothing! That being said, I strongly suggest getting in and out of the same car door on all occasions.


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