I went out this evening feeling comfortable yet sexy. I had on my signature leggings and sleek tunic paired with new designer sneakers that I am in love with. They are black semi funky sneaks designed by Isabel Marant. What makes them so cool is that they look it and for once feel it!

Marant defies the whole sneaker motif by offering a sexy, edgy shoe with a hidden platform to discreetly add height and style to the owner. Something about her design is new and fresh without being obvious. I managed to look great without getting my heels stuck in the pavement or God Forbid the infamous Chicago city grate.  These sneakers are a great alternative and offer a totally different look. (Think I don’t care but maybe secretly do?!) You cannot top a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers on a lazy neighborhood night.  FYI you still need to look cute on the lazy nights!  It is always key to look hot for yourself but those “whatever nights” are known for meeting interesting randoms and/or running into the dreaded ex – Yikes!

In fact, my Isabel Marant shoes inspired a fun discussion during an awkward moment tonight.  I explained the back story to a friend who replied, “Tom Cruise must wear the exact same shoes to look as tall as his wife.”  We all laughed!  It was a night of good fashion and easy conversation – can’t beat that with a stiletto!

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