Make sure to shave your legs (including all other necessary parts)  and have your hands, nails and eyebrows manicured for that natural look at the beach.  Also, remember your sunglasses for eye protection, reading, chatting, etc.  I always bring dark one’s for reading that do not get stuck in the ponytail along with my favorite aviators.  It is also a good idea to grab mascara, bronzer and lip gloss for dinner or any public interaction. That is really all you need. OH and a hair elastic is always key.

*Tory Burch now makes great aviators for $145 that come with a clutch like case perfect for hotel keys, lip balm, etc,

Well, It looks like I had more to say on this topic than I initially realized! I think it is important to share since I am someone who has been almost every color that human skin is capable of!

Sometimes I wish we could go back to the days when pale skin was seen as a status symbol, but the more I think about it Coco Chanel was right – we all look better with a tan!!

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