Everyone wants to indulge in dinner and drinks on vacation which is fine, but it is important to take care of your body and hair after your shower and before bed. I recommend paying extra attention to your hair and skin which have both been soaking up sun, chlorine and salt water all day.

*ORIBE is a great new line of shampoo/conditioner, Also Moroccan Oil is all the hype – A hair mask called M will do wonders for your hair after a day in the sun!

*Moisturizer is key for your face and body now. My favorite after sun face moisturizer is by Remede and is called Intensive Double Serum. This product pumps out a combo of Oxygen+Vitamin C and Brightening+Revitalizing Cream.  Aloe is always great to treat sunburn. It can be purchased over the counter or many Floridians grow their own plants. I prefer to use a Lavender Moisturizer by Epicuren as I do not like to feel sticky but it is a personal  preference.

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