Ways to Wear a Scarf (Courtesy of www.thescarfpeddler.com)
Ways to Wear a Scarf (Courtesy of www.thescarfpeddler.com)

Every time I travel, there is one accessory that I will not leave home without: The Scarf. This amazing adornment is functional and smart. First of all, it provides, comfort, warmth and a cozy place to sleep. In this day and age, comfort is not mutually exclusive with commercial air travel, and it’s best to saddle yourself with a clean, ever present essential to keep ones facial in check when traveling. Let’s be honest, it’s frowned upon to touch your face and expose your skin to potential irritants and germs (Do you really think airline pillows and blankets are washed after every flight?). When using your trusty scarf as a luxurious buffer, you can expect to arrive at your destination “selfie ready.”

The scarf is also a valuable and smart fashion accessory. It can make the most casual outfit, such as jeans, a tee shirt and leather jacket, appear put together and chic. Scarves are also incredible to use as an evening shawl providing style, warmth and an enhanced look. Most importantly – one less thing to pack!

On another note, the scarf is essential when sightseeing. It is always accessible and can easily be folded into a bag without taking up too much room. The scarf can be especially important if you are visiting a church or mosque where female coverage is a customary requirement for entry.

My absolute favorite scarves are designed by Brunello Cucinelli if price is not an object. Elements Chicago also carries some incredible options for scarves in addition to local boutiques and department stores.

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