Drybar of Chicago (Image source www.thedrybar.com)

Hair is an essential element of fashion both on and off the runway. I can style the perfect outfit in minutes, but it takes an elite professional to create the perfect blow dry. My latest “go to” for a quick fix is Drybar Chicago. You can almost always get an appointment with one of its superior stylists, who are not only quick and efficient, but actually do specifically what you request ;).

In addition, the time just floats by as a result of their amazing roster of “chick flicks,” such as Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, Bridesmaids and my guilty pleasure The Devil Wears Prada. Drybar Chicago offers a hair menu with about 10 different looks including: the Shirley Temple for the little ones (adorable!); the Mai Tai for a sexy beach look (think Gisele); the Straight Up (classic with volume); and my personal favorite, the Manhattan (city sleek), for long lasting perfection!

Men will absolutely love your super sexy locks and women will most likely be questioning your deceivingly effortless do. Did she or didn’t she get her hair done?! Whether you’re prepping for a black tie gala, a hot date, or just want to be utterly fabulous for you, Drybar Chicago is a must for the chic Chicago woman!!!