We all love those cute summer dresses with the cut outs this year which have been coined as Peek-a-Boo dresses.  That term embodies both the sexy yet playful nature of this type of dress.   If worn in true Peek-a-Boo form it can be a great day to night dress that will keep you cool during the last few weeks of summer heat.  There are many versions of this dress, but I strongly prefer the cut out to be placed in the back.  This may or may not be based on the fact that my first encounter with a Peek-a-boo dress was on 90210! Kelly Taylor flaunted an amazing short red version back in the West Beverly High days.  She wore it well as do most women in Chicago. That being said, I have noticed a few ladies that do not seem to understand the whole cut out concept. I have seen some cut outs too low in the back, too close to the chest, too many down the sides. You name it! And trust me; what looks great standing up does not always look the same sitting down.

I have tried on a million of these babies and would like to share what I have learned to avoid purchasing a full on SEE-a-Boo.  The main thing to remember is that most of you should be left to the imagination.  There should be only one cut out or a few small symmetrical ones at most.  Also, the dress has to fit well so the fabric does not bunch, rip, or pull away from the body.  I would also avoid slits up the leg or center to keep things simple and classy. I tend to choose a body part in the same way I choose to make a statement with my earing vs. necklace. Most eyes can only take in so much!

Rosie – Do

Selena – Don’t

Giselle – Giselle can do whatever she wants.

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