Believe it or not, I wore Abercrombie & Fitch once upon a time in High School. I attended a Catholic school with a strict dress code. At that time, Abercrombie was reasonably priced and fit my dress code perfectly – button downs, polo shirts, semi-flattering kakis, etc.  I have not thought much about Abercrombie since my high school graduation, but when it was in the news that there was talk of “The Situation” representing the brand it peaked my interest.

I went into the store yesterday and was surprised at how much the brand had changed. This is not the Abercrombie & Fitch I remember!  I understand the looks they put together and if a thin young girl wore them exactly as shown they could be cute. However, that is not usually the case. I fear the wrong body type is going to prance around in a barely there ruffled horizontal skirt – probably in white or baby pink on top of it.  When a bottom heavy person wears this shape it is unflattering and will most likely lead to embarrassment. I bought my girlfriend’s baby a ruffled diaper cover prior to my A&F visit that was not that far off from these skirts! The other thing that came into my mind was the whole “A” thing. Everything has a giant “A” on it.  I am not a huge fan of label flaunting in the first place but the “A” just made me think of the movie Easy A with Emma Stone which I am sure most teenagers have seen. There are still a few cute tops, cardigans and hoodies mixed in but I would recommend looking else ware for the majority of your back to school/Fall wardrobe.

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