I think almost all women can identify with the horrible trek home on the “morning after” which is usually identified as the “Walk of Shame” No matter how innocent or not the night before may have been, people still look, assume and talk.  I thought the “Walk of Shame” was something I left behind in college but it is clearly still prevalent in New York these days among the 20/30 something crowd.  I was in the city last week and noticed women on the subway wearing what was clearly an ensemble from the night before.  Everyone who glanced in their direction surely noticed as well. God forbid one of these onlookers was a colleague or boss – Yikes!  Not to worry, the Big Bag can come to the rescue here.  Good thing it is now acceptable for most evening looks!

Here are a few tips to avoid disaster in the” walk of shame” scenario with your Big Bag:

  1. Toss Flip flops or ballet flats in the bag to avoid walking home in high heels
  2. Bring a tiny travel tooth brush
  3. Pack  eye make-up remover pads (Almay Cucumber Ones Rock)
  4. Bring a perfume sample or a small tube of scented lotion like Laura Mercier’s Crème Brule
  5. Throw in a cardigan or hoodie to down play your look and be “subway ready”

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