I made a very last minute decision to head to New Orleans for the weekend. No matter how exhilarating spontaneous travel can be, there is always a downside. Last minute travel plans lead to last minute packing. Anything last minute has a tendency to cause stress but I took a new strategy and I think this is the way to go. My strategy was to separate my clothing needs into categories. I made a pile for each category then found the best shoe to work in at least two categories. Finally, I strategically placed everything in my suitcase. My Tumi ended up being a bit on the full side, so I sat in the center with one leg on each side to zip it. Worked like a charm! Obviously, clothing categories are subject to change based on the travel destination, but here are mine for “The Big Easy”. Hope it helps,

1. Casual Day – two casual day dresses with either a printed ballet flat or nude sandal. Jeans that can be paired with a tee and all shoes.

2. Evening of fun – one sexy printed dress to be worn with a gold stilleto. Two hot tops (one fashion top, one lacy sexy top) to be worn with denim and the gold stiletto or wedge. (I am most comfortable bringing one skinny and one bootcut jean.)

3. Evening of business – two dresses. Both are eye-catching yet semi conservative. In other words, you look but can’t see! These work well with a classic heel.

4. Pool – one bathing suit. Personally I took a printed one that has both a triangle top and strapless top – great for avoiding tan lines! I added a flip flop here but plan on using a “day dress” or something from “Hotel Chill” as a cover up.

5. Gym – it is best to bring a top with a built in sports bra (like the Lululemon ones) to kill two birds with one stone and take up less room in the suitcase. Pair with your preference of running shorts or spellings. (I just made that stupid word up but I mean sport leggings) Do not forget your work out shoes, I tend to wear mine on the plane to save room in my suitcase. But don’t do that unless they are at least semi cute.

6. Hotel Chill – By this I mean casual, comfy clothes that are comfortable enough to hang out in the hotel room yet still appropriate enough to be seen in public. Maybe you run into a neighbor getting ice? For me, this is a vintage tee with cute sweats or jeans. Throw flip flps or printed flats in here.

7. Undergarments – Bring one bra for every day plus a strapless one. Bring one pair of panties for each day plus two. I always choose a black set, nude set, white set and SEXY set into this mix.

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  • I find that an easy way to do last minute trips is to be pre-packed. I have a toiletry kit that I keep stocked with all my decanted bottles (I fill up after every trip so it is ready to go again). I keep my travel electronics, water bottle, travel towel in my carry on bag – again, I’ll clean everything right after I get back from my trip so it is ready and waiting. Throw in a sachet to keep everything fresh. Then the only thing I need to decide on is my capsule wardrobe and shoes.

    I also have a standardized packing list that I got from onebag.com. I put this on my “Packing” app on my smart phone. It has a “to do” list of things to complete before I leave. I just check things off as I go. This ensure that I don’t forget something important when I have to quickly take off.

    Between these two things, I can prepare for my trip quickly and not become frantic.

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