I spent a good portion of yesterday having lunch and hanging out with my Mom and her two best friends who I adore. Or maybe whom I adore? Anyway, I had not seen them since my birthday passed, so they brought along some birthday treats for me. The presentation was perfect as were the gifts inside. Many are a bit too personal to share, but there is one you may find incredibly fun and interesting. It’s a note pad entitled “Fashion Citation” and in giant bold letters it states: “DID YOU GET DRESSED IN THE DARK?” This is follwed by a checklist of fashion faux pas like ill advised spandex, socks with sandals, holiday sweaters,camel toe and wearing the wrong size. The standout fashion faux pas on this list is visible panty line. I love it because they use the acronym VPL. (I find VPL hilarious and plan on using it like Rachel Ray uses EVOO.) The Fashion Citation closes with the line “IT’S BETTER THAT YOU KNOW” and I happen  to find this particular note pad hilariously mean yet helpful. There are a variety of similar note pads on the website Knock Knock. Some are a touch vulgar but most are funny and/or helpful guides for things like packing and organizing. Definitly worth checking out for personal use, amusement or even gift shopping.
By the way, it is currently 8:52 and the majority of you are about to step into the office. Remember the check list and make sure you do not have a case of VPL!

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