I was out shopping on Oak Street yesterday and found myself incredibly annoyed. It takes a lot to ruin any shopping experience for me, but the event on Oak Street managed to do so. ┬áThere was something going on for brides which I still don’t quite get. There was very loud bad music playing and the stores were packed with large groups of women. The sales staff in each store seemed to be equally annoyed by the hordes of brides as well. That aside, I did see a few interesting things.

The new Y-3 store opened which gets a B in my book. I used to love Y-3 but I am kind of over it. Just my opinion. Moncler had some great things. I particularly liked the accessories. I might plan a ski trip just so I can wear the goggles! Speaking of eyes, Agent Provocateur has the most adorable eye masks with moveable eye lids. I am not quite sure they are for sleeping but cute, nonetheless. I did not go in Sofia’s but usually find a couple of cool vintage tees. I did, however, go into Wolford to pick up a few basics. I found great socks for underneath boots, and I am trying a new pair of leggings. I found them to be a bit sheer in the past but these seem just right.

Hope this helps if you are planning to stroll down Oak…

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