I had the pleasure of browsing the cosmetic floor at Neiman’s yesterday. I stopped in to grab a few basics. These purchases were all due to the fact that I am no longer basking in the sun on my days off! Unfortunately, I now have to resort to a few lighter shades in the makeup department. I am always thrilled when the time comes to swap my makeup for a darker shade, because that means I am tan and it is most likely beautiful outside. As an added bonus, I usually do not have to wear much makeup in general at this time! A touch of gloss, a coat of mascara and I am ready to go! We all know that the cold weather is not so forgiving! Life gets much more challenging when we have to step back into the land of the pale!

Even though it is tough, I always remember to go one to two shades lighter on my foundation and concealer when my tan officially fades. It is great to be a bronze beauty BUT the fair skin beauty has its perks as well.  The love of skin tone differs from eye to eye in the same way that some men love blondes and others prefer brunettes. I find that most men go for all of they above, so we do not have a thing to worry about! The only thing both men and women alike find unattractive is mismatched skin. Make sure that the face is the same color as the neck and you are good to go! Department stores even tend to cushion our dark to light challenge by simultaneously adding beauty bonuses and holiday specials. Check out the Laura Mercier counter for some of the best deals…

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