If this thought is going through your mind you should read on.  Or if you just want to look especially hot in your teeny, tiny, tight (almost all “T” words may apply in this description!) costume, this could be of interest to you as well. We have all heard of cleanses, cellulite creams – you name it – to help look amazing in and out of our clothes. I recently came across a fun fix that seems to work, a seaweed bath by a company called VOYA. You fill up your bathtub with hot water and fill it with actual seaweed from Ireland. Wrap yourself in it and soak for about twenty minutes and you will feel amazing. A friend of mine did find a snail in her seaweed but not to worry. It was dead and at least she knew she was getting the real deal! There is also a cellulite brush and moisturizer that are worth checking out as well.

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