After such a lovely week, we are caught in the middle of a dreary, rainy day. Boo! I always want to stay in on days like this, but I managed to avoid the temptation this morning. I woke up and motivated myself to get to the gym. It is only a short walk, so I did not think to dress for the rain. I strutted on over in my Lululemon outfit and running shoes without thinking twice. Of course I got caught in a little bit of rain. Even that little bit affected my workout. I was uncomfortably damp and my shoes were so wet I was sliding all over the wooden floor. If you are heading to the gym today or any other rainy day, remember to at least wear a different pair of shoes on your way over. With all the big bags we are carrying these days it is easy to stuff a second pair of shoes in.  It would also be a good idea to layer a long sleeve or hoodie over whatever you will be working out in to avoid the rain. I suppose an umbrella would not hurt either. Stay dry!

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