I do not know if the whole Wolford/Spanx phenomenon is responsible for this, but I have somehow accumulated an excessive amount of tights that cut off at the ankle. I refer to them as “no footers”. Unfortunately, I have learned that footless tights serve very little purpose. They are not tights because there is no foot support yet they are too sheer to be leggings. I find them very irritating and do not know how I have come to own so many pairs.

I have battled with choosing the right leg wear while in a rush to get ready during the last few winters. Truthfully, even if I am not in a rush this is still a problem! I constantly grab “no footers” instead of tights by mistake and go through the motions of putting them on. I always think, “Damn, why do I never run my hand through these things first?”.  Regardless once they’re on, they are on. Instead of peeling them off in search of the all inclusive version we call tights, I find the right sock, shoe and attitude to make this work. Yes, I am clearly admitting that I could be a touch lazy, but I blame it on these “dumb hoes”!

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