I have spent the last 24 hours frantically wrapping gifts that need to be shipped out tomorrow. These gifts also required boxes, so I thought I would kill two birds with one ruby and go to the Container Store last night. In the store’s defense, they did have a great selection of boxes and wrapping paraphernalia as well as an extremely helpful staff. I had a huge basket full of stuff and was absolutely that person you do not want to be behind in line! Even so, I was in and out within 25 minutes. Fantastic!
Not fantastic was the wrapping paper that I purchased. Yikes! It was great that the paper was priced so low, however I definitely got what I paid for!  I purchased three different varieties of paper and they were all dull, flimsy and difficult to cut. Cutting is the worst of these issues since the paper is the wrong size for every box imaginable! The recipients of my gifts will be seeing some jagged edges this year which really upsets me.  My personal method for wrapping is using double sided tape so the box appears flawless –  not the case right now. My packages are bumpy and lumpy around every edge.  It is taking twice as long to wrap right now and my gifts are looking three times as bad! That being said, I am off to get some better paper this afternoon. Sorry Container Store… 

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