The one thing about warm weather that I do not like is the increase in “fashion don’ts”. The heat encourages us to wear less clothing and light weight fabrics. Unfortunately, those two things can lead to many fashion no-no’s. For instance, light weight fabrics such as linen (especially when it is not lined) have a tendency to be very sheer. It is crucial to make sure you have on suitable undergarments in this case. Nude lingerie is your best bet when it comes to most colors. Another fabric issue to be aware of is sweat stains. Yes. We all sweat, but that does not make the stain any less embarrassing! The best way to avoid sweat stains is by staying away from fabrics such as rayon and silk – they always seem to magnify sweat! Cotton, linen and jersey are much more stain resistant. The solution to any of the fabric problems I mentioned is not – I repeat not – to wear as little as possible! Showing too much skin is one of the worst fashion mistakes one can make. There is nothing fashionable about flashing your business around town! I hate saying it – but it is true – some summer fashions are too young and others require a very small body. We have to ask ourselves the two most dreadful questions – Am I too old to wear that? AND am I in good enough shape to wear that? After all, we have to look just as hot as the weather.


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