Just about every woman in the world is on an endless search for beautiful shoes that are actually comfortable. I can’t tell you how many gorgeous shoes I own and wear that kill my feet. You can pretty much gaurantee a night of pain every time I go out in a dress. I am proud to say that I finally found a cool comfortable shoe – the Lanvin wedge. I have one in leopard print and one in python that I wear endlessly. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, don’t get destroyed on concrete and make me taller. How many more reasons do you need to categorize a great shoe? I decided it would be a good investment to buy a light weight pair for summer. I went to Nordstrom to find another version of my beloved shoe and was very upset to learn that they are only available in full sizes now – of course I am a solid 38.5! I tried them on and the 38 was a little too small. The 39 was a little too big. What is a shoe loving girl to do? I did a little research and am happy to report that only certain styles of this shoe are limited to whole sizes. Every one with a raffia bottom is full size only, but there are enough styles out there to satisfy my need for the Lanvin wedge. If you are looking for a hot comfy designer shoe, I strongly recommend this one. If you are a whole size, even better. The polka dot raffia ones rock.

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