People are constantly asking me to update them on trends. They want to know what colors to wear, what shoes to buy, what to get rid of in their closet, the list is endless. I came across a trend report this week that is one of the best I have ever seen. It is in the trend section on the net- a porter website, which is hands down my favorite website for information and on-line shopping. It is geared towards women who know a thing or two about fashion and carries the most exclusive products to prove it. This particular report lists the top 25 trends in very cute yet accurate language. If you click on one of the terms you will get an in depth description of the trend along with a style tip – all of which are great. If you scroll down below there are examples of clothing and accessories that are representative of that particular trend. Of course, all of of these products are for sale on the net-a porter website! And trust me, they are tempting. I came across some jaw dropping dresses and bags that I would die to have in my closet. Any girl who is interested in high fashion needs to check out this trend report. It will inspire your closet and enhance your summer shopping!

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