The fashion industry is a fun place, glamorous place. It is easy to get sucked in and jaded by all the glitz. But never forget “all that glitters isn’t gold”. The fashion industry is equally alluring as it is mean. It is full of vanity, competitiveness and all that is wrong with human nature. When I float from showroom to showroom, I constantly hear passive aggressive comments and backhanded insults. I like to refer to these remarks as fashion-sults. I think it is the most appropriate term, because the insults that are made would be meaningless and nonexistent in most other industries. I witnessed an incident last week that is a perfect example of a fashion-sult. A model was showing a very fitted knit. Of course everything looks good on a “model body”, so a group of buyers asked to see the knit on a “normal body”. When the “normal body” came out in the ensemble, the buyers said, “Oh no! You can see everything!” now that is a fashion-sult for you! It is also the fashion industry for you – take it or leave it. I will take it every day of the week.


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