As I mentioned in my last blog, I am in New York previewing the Resort collections. I came across a group of buyers today that were only interested in specialty dresses. Being a buyer myself, of course this peaked my interest. It turns out that they own a company called Rent the Runway. It is an e-commerce site that allows people to rent designer dresses (along with the occasional piece of jewelry and bag). It is actually quite a clever concept. They have a great assortment of merchandise that caters to women who want a special dress for an occassion but do not want to pay full price for a piece they will only wear once. You know us women. We constanty want something new and do not want to be seen in it twice! The way the system works is that you can reserve a specific item for up to 6 months in advance. Once you receive it, you have the option of keeping it for either 4 or 8 days. The company takes care of dry cleaning upon return which is a huge plus. As long as you don’t mind wearing a dress that has previously been worn by somebody else, this is a great deal.

Check it out:

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