When on a buying trip, what does Tracy do with her free time--more shopping!
Anyone who tells you they work in retail/fashion and does not like to at
least window shop during their free time should change careers.  To me, true
passion is having such an infatuation with something that it consumes not
only your career but your personal time and thoughts as well.  Since I
happened to be in Paris, I decided to go to the world renound Colette Paris
boutique.  Colette is a visually stunning boutique filled with unusual
clothes, accesories, cosmetics, books and nicknacks of all prices.  The
first floor of Colette houses an array of intersting pieces like vintage
shoes, clever books, colored headphones, Japanese "street gear.".  The
newest addition to the iconic Colette boutique was a collection of items
from the Peanuts gang.  Customers can spend hours browsing while listening
to an in-house DJ and even grabbing a bite to eat at the cafe downstairs.  
On the second floor of the boutique the level of merchandise, and price
point, goes up.  Their are a couple racks of clothing, but the floor is
littered with manequins fully styled with the latest couture.  For instance,
you may see a manequin dressed in the season's latest Prada dress topped
with a Balmain jacket and Miu Miu shoes.  Colette shows us not only the
latest clothes but also offers a vision of how they should be worn.   
While many consumers find the Colette boutique to be more of a place to see
than to buy--I somehow managed to do a little of both.  Here are the
highlights of what I picked up at Colette.  I was drawn to a new perfume
line called Byredo Parfums.  I chose two scents that had an equally
appealing name and smell--Fantastic Man and Gypsy Water.  I also snagged a
vintage pair of moon boots.  This purchase was driven by my youth when my
mother used to make me wear moon boots every time it snowed.  At the time I
thoguht they were hiddeous and would take them off the second I got on to
the school bus.  Now I have decided to embrace them.  Finally I purchased a
couple cool coffee table books along with an inspirational lighter that says
"quit smoking."  Shamed to admit I couldn't resist a snow globe of the
Eiffel Tower--don't tell anyone.