As of yesterday, I thought the whole "dancer" trend we spotted at Lanvin was
a fluke.  However, the ballerina trend was solIdified when I saw the new
Chloe Collection. Is it possible that the muse for Spring 2011 may be the
"Prima Ballerina"?

Chloe showed many form fitting tops and dresses along with actual replicas
of ballet slippers. Chloe also had a sprinkle of retro with lucite
accessories and transparent shoes.  Another trend to note here was the use
of metal trim. Garments were lined with thin metal bands along the sleeves
and collars. Even some of the smaller evening bags had metal bracelets which
are perfect for clubs and bars. These new bags are great investments. Who
wants to loose their timeless Chloe Paddington when they step out on to the
dance floor? Certaintly not me!