I find that cleaning out your closet is incredibly difficult for women like me who really love clothes. We remember when and where we bought things, how much they cost, where we wore them, etc. A printed Marni top you bought at Neimans for $1250 and wore to your Birthday party is not easy to put in the “to go” pile! But even the best, most sentimental items sometimes have an expiration date. When the time comes, it is nice to know your beloved items find a good home. Even better when you get a portion of your money back! I have tried many different options in Chicago (most notably e drop-off) and finally found one that I am happy with – The Real Real.  I know…they could have done better with the name, but I really like them!

The process was easy. I called The Real Real and a representative put me in touch with someone in my area. I had a woman reach out to me with in a few hours to discuss setting up a house call. That same week, someone came out free of charge to review, photograph and pack my retired clothing. In my case, this person was Juli. She was kind, funny, professional and quick. I was very comfortable having her in my home. She accepted almost everything and was very upfront about their criteria. The Real Real will accept most things included in the list of designers on their website if they are in good condition and not drastically altered. I received an itemized list of photos for the pieces that were accepted and can track the sales through my account on their website. I receive 60% of the sale price once a piece of clothing sells on-line and 70% if I reach $7500 in total revenue over the year. (FYI jewelry is a flat 70% from the get go). Now that the clothes have left, they go through an authentication and inspection process. If for whatever reason the staff at The Real Real does not accept something, it is shipped back free of charge. Sounds like the real real deal!