I hate Halloween! The last two times I even attempted to wear a costume did not go well. The first was in college when I was “Sexy Dorothy.” My exact Dorothy costume was featured on the news under the headline “Are young girls dressing too provocatively for Halloween?” Oops! Then, more recently, I reluctantly agreed to join my sister dressing as the Kardashians. I think she was less interested in Halloween and just looking for an excuse to wear a new Herve Leger dress! Either way, she was Kim and I was Kourtney. We are both pushing 5”3′, so Khloe was not an option! I showed up in an “over the top” top, leather pants and fur Louboutin boots. Every person I spoke to at the party asked me why I did not dress up! Halloween is just not my thing. I am conveniently traveling this weekend and plan on avoiding all Halloween festivities.

Halloween.2015.TCS.BunnyFor those of you who hate to dress up and could not make it out of town for the scary weekend, Urban Outfitters has some good options. They have really cute animal themed hoods that you can throw on with just about anything. They do not cover your face and are dramatic enough to make a statement. My personal favorite is the deer hood with metallic antlers. Some of the bird
themed head pieces are a bit “True Detective” for my taste but could be very relevant this year. They also have an adorable bunny onesie that is fun and oversized enough to sneak something cute underneath. I recommend stopping in if you are looking for a last minute non-costume for the weekend.