It’s that time of year! ‘Tis the season of gift giving, yummy food and plenty of parties and events to attend in your holiday finest. Need help finding something great to wear? Tracy Clifford Style lends a helping hand with tips and tricks to make sure you look fantastic all winter — whether you are attending a formal party or a casual family gathering.

1. Wardrobe Review
Be sure to review your current wardrobe before hitting boutiques for new party garb. We tend to fixate on finding something “new”, when sometimes the perfect outfit is already hanging in our closet. Remember: new does not always mean better!

2. L.B.D. aka Little Black Dress
This holiday season is the perfect time to rock wearing your favorite L.B.D.! It is a classic look that is always appropriate for every party and always on trend with holiday fashion year after year.

3. Accessories on Point
Accessories can complete and completely change an outfit. A pump, statement jewelry or great hat can take you from coffee at the office to champagne at a holiday party. You can also accessorize to make the same outfit look different enough to wear to multiple parties this season.

4. Sew What! Time for a Tailor
When making purchases for the holidays, allow enough time to visit the tailor. No one is a perfect size anything! I recommend allowing at least one week from store to party. A good tailor will take up pants and take in a dress to fit your current figure.

5. More is Not Always a Good Thing
Holiday clothes tend to incorporate sequins, fringe, embroidery, and detailing. There is a fine line between festive and tacky – save some of the holiday glitz for tree trimming!

6. Know Your Party “Style”
Be conscious of where you are going and who is going to be at the event. For instance, watch your hemlines and necklines at corporate events, don’t take a large handheld clutch when the night requires balancing a cocktail and handshakes. And finally, don’t wear winter white to a holiday red wine tasting! 🙂

7. Party Clothes Log
The holiday party circuit is smaller than we realize. It is important to keep track of what you wear and who is in attendance. You do not need a new look for every party if you look different around the same group of people.

8. Shoes Wisely
Holiday parties often include long periods of standing and mingling. Do not choose a shoe that puts comfort or balance to the test! There are walking shoes, car service shoes and party shoes — party shoes should be somewhere in between.

9. Outerwear – Jackets, Wraps and Furs
Be mindful of what you are wearing over your party attire. You cannot wear your warmest North Face coat over a cocktail dress. And you do not want to be waiting for your Uber on a snowy night in a sleeveless top and heels. It is worth investing in a fur piece (real or faux) or pulling out your best coat to complete your look and stay warm this season.

10. All Work, Some Play
Remember that a work party also means work people. Do not wear anything too fashion forward or sexy to a holiday work function. You have to see the party guests every other day of the year at work. You want to be fun and look fun without altering your work persona.

Special thanks to Make It Better for featuring an excerpt of this article on their site. Stay tuned to the Tracy Clifford Style Blog for more shopping tips and wardrobe tricks!