We all have those days when getting dressed does not come as easily as it should. We try on a million tops and nothing looks right with the skirt we want to wear. We cannot figure out which shoe goes with our dress. I don’t feel the need to go on – we have all experienced these days! It is helpful to look at magazines or browse the runways of style.com, but I think net-a-porter is the most useful place for fashion ideas. There is an amazing function where you can click on a specific item and a complete styled look pops up. I find this much more helpful than media images, because you can find a piece that is very similar to one in your closet and see how it should be worn. If you would like to embrace the peplum trend this Fall but are not sure how to wear it, net-a-porter will show you that it needs to be paired with a narrow bottom like a pencil skirt or skinny pant. I suggest taking advantage of this site – it may help you avoid some of those “bad fashion” days….Snooki should take a look!



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