We have all heard of the “Freshman 15”. Otherwise known as the dreaded weight one tends to put on while embarking on the joy of late night eating and drinking the first year of college. As an adult living in the Midwest, I am beginning to notice a new type of weight gain that I like to refer to as the “Winter 15”. Every year right around this time, Chicago starts to get unbearably cold and windy. We swap out all of our beachwear and cute summer dresses for an array of warm winter duds. No matter how amazing our cold weather wardrobe may be, there is no question that even the coolest knits, leather leggings and furs make us less body conscience. Unfortunately, the lack of skin exposed can lead to weight gain. I adore Fall fashion and almost always find it be the most interesting season. I encourage everyone to embrace the amazing clothing out there right now. I only bring up this horrible topic to help us all avoid the “Winter 15” this year. I certainly do not want to be hiding under a moo moo compensating liposuction the next time bikini season rolls around!!

Wouldn’t it be great to be ready for the beach any day of the year like this stallion!

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