Unless you have a massive closet organized with photos like Kimora Lee Simmons, it is challenging to properly store clothes, bags and shoes. It is especially difficult to organize bags. The most common problem that I constantly see is designer bags loosing their shape. When a bag remains empty and is kept in a pile or even packed in a suitcase, it can easily loose it’s original shape. I saw this happen recently to the most coveted bag of all time. This stunning black Birkin was so messed up that it would barely close! I immediately came to the rescue by stuffing the bag from top to bottom with shoe bags being careful not to go to wide. I then turned the shower on the hottest temperature possible, placed the Birkin on the sink and closed the bathroom door. Two hours later, the humidity had softened the leather enough for me to physically reshape and close the bag. I am proud to say that I saved a Birkin! 

Word to the wise – This trick will only work on leather. Do not attempt to steam suede or any other skin.



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