Fall 2011 has introduced a wide array of shapes and sizes in the bag department.  We will be seeing beautiful bags ranging from the Clutch, Satchel, Tote, Shoulder Bag, and Evening Bag. These purses are available in almost every fabric. Exotic Skins are the rarest and most sought after fabric available – not to mention the most expensive.  That is unless you are Stella McCartney or someone embracing the “Green” way of life.  In that case, you should stick with the synthetic fabrics.  No one really knows what is in them, but they sure look great! Once you have selected the appropriate fall purse for yourself the real question remains: What do you fill it with?

Most of us have been sporting huge bags over the past few years. As much as I adore large bags they seem like bottomless pits at times. Purses are now filled with everything imaginable:  wallets, snacks, makeup, mirrors, tampons, hand sanitizers, pens, etc. We can dig and dig and never find the exact thing that we need.

“Quick side story: After a lovely second date, my friend was waiting for a kiss at the door. By the time the infamous keys were located in the bag, the moment had passed!”

No. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are not trying to sabotage your love life!  We just need to utilize the pockets in our bag and learn to bring only the necessities. Here is the “Tracy Clifford Solution” to the bottomless bag dilemma.

We only need five things:

  1. Keys (home and/or Car)
  2. Wallet (include money, id and credit card)
  3. Phone
  4. Lipstick (a case with a mirror is ideal. ex. Sally Beauty Supply $4.99)
  5. Mints (Better than gum which people tend to chomp on – not good)

By limiting your bag to these five items, I believe life will be easier. Look forward to an improvement in sanity and dating when following the “Tracy Clifford Solution.”


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