Fall is officially here and it’s time to put away your bikinis and grab your favorite sweater. Along with the opportunity to wear amazing boots and outerwear, the Fall season also brings with it a time that many of us dread … Sports Season! Football has started, basketball starts soon, and baseball is in its playoff season.

Dressing for sporting events is tricky because you want to maintain your sense of style, but still look appropriate for the event. To make things even worse, each type of sporting event has its own unique vibe in terms of fashion.

So, in honor of Fall, I am providing you with a quick guide on how to look your best at whatever sporting event you go to. One tip that applies to all sports:

DO NOT wear a dress or skirt to any sporting event with stadium seats.

You do not want to end up on the Jumbotron like this!

Dressing for Fall Sports by Tracy Clifford Style
Image via Sportsgrid.com

BASKETBALL – Bring Your A-Game

Outfit Suggestions: Leather pants and an oversized sweater; Jeans with a tee and your best bomber.

Basketball games provide the greatest opportunity for style (think WAGS). While other sports may require you to wear a jersey for your team, basketball does not. In fact, women at basketball games tend to dress more stylishly than other events so dress for a basketball game like you would if you were meeting friends out for cocktails!

Dress Your Best for a Basketball Game
Image via Celebuzz.com

BASEBALL – Keep It Traditional

Outfit Suggestions: Jeans and a tee shirt or sweater (if you’re feeling extra sporty – choose a top with the same color as your team); Your favorite sneaks and a hoodie for an extra casual look.

Baseball is America’s most traditional sport. Mirror that in your style. When planning your outfit, keep team colors in mind. You may be dying to wear your new blue sweater but the night will not go well if you’re supposed to be rooting against the Cubs! High fashion is not part of the baseball scene and neither is anything pink and shiny (like Victoria’s Secret Pink line of sports gear which is a shiny, bedazzled mess). Take it from our girl Mariah, this is not a good look…

How to Dress for a Baseball Game
Image via Everyjoe.com

FOOTBALL – Huddle Up for Warmth

Outfit Suggestions: Ski pants (or those with similar warmth), wool sweaters, fur-lined caps and a down jacket.

Ladies, the name of the game is warmth! Your boyfriend is not going to want to leave after the first quarter and football takes forever. Seriously, these games take at least three hours. And in most cities you’re supposed to sit outside in the cold and be happy about it! The very least you can do is allow yourself not to be miserably cold while you’re sitting there. I recommend your favorite ski gear. Dress how you would for Après Ski.

How to Dress for a Football Game
Image via DenimJeansObserver.com

Whether you’re attending a sports event this season as a fan or as a favor, dressing for the event – as you would dress for any other event in your life – will make you feel like a winner (even if your team isn’t)!