Decade costumes are perfect for the last minute or unenthusiastic Halloween party-goer!

If you were not planning on getting dressed up for Halloween and got invited to a last minute costume party or just hate Halloween in general (like me) but are forced to dress up, there are a few costumes you can easily throw together without making a trip to the costume shop.

Decade themed costumes are fun, recognizable and we all have something in our closet that actually was from another decade (or at least looks like it).

Here are my Halloween costume ideas for the decades:

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The 90’s

Lucky for us! The clothes this Fall are straight out of Beverly Hills 90210. I look like Donna Martin in my brand new Marc Jacobs dress on a random Tuesday! Pull out your Doc Martens that are in right now (don’t forget to wear white scrunched socks with them) and pair them with a chocker, anything plaid, a slip dress, or a baby doll dress with a tee underneath. If I have to explain further this is not your decade!

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The 80’s

This is probably the biggest go-to decade when it comes to costumes. You can go the Madonna route and wear leather and lace with teased hair and colored eye shadow. You can also go the Flash Dance route with an off the shoulder sweatshirt and some spandex. What a feeling!

Photo: Curtis Baker / Netflix“Modern 80’s”

Barb from Stranger Things is possibly my favorite Halloween costume this year! Anyone who dresses as Barb is cool and 100% confident. This costume is the ultimate Man Repeller! It requires items from the 80’s that we even knew were ugly back then! Huge reading glasses and a sad button down tucked into ill-fitting mom jeans. Don’t forget your Trapper Keeper!

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The 70’s

Simply wear the off the shoulder top that you probably bought over summer! Pair it with wide leg or flared denim and a wedge. Center part your hair, wear a headband and don’t worry about make up. Done!


Image via Macys.comThe 60’s

You can easily wear a short printed dress, headband, hoops and boots to become a sexy Go Go Girl. Every costume shop has those white patent boots for rental if you don’t have the right ones at home. I recommend wearing socks and not thinking about who wore them first!

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The 50’s 

Think Sandy at the end of Grease. Pair your high waisted spandex pants (American Apparel has good cheap ones) with a bodysuit, belt at waist, leather jacket and big hair. You can also be a square 50’s chick but that requires more effort!

The 40’s, 30’s No one knows or cares.

Image via PartyCity.comThe 20’s

Repeat whatever you wore to the last flapper or Great Gatsby themed party! (We’ve all been to them.) Drop waist and fringe dresses with layered pearls, feather boa and headband. You can even cheat on the dress if you accessorize right!

If I see you at a Halloween party this year, act surprised when you see me in one of the above costumes and I’ll do the same for you! Have a Happy Halloween!