Now that it is so cold in the Midwest, I thought I would take a break from my typical blog and choose a hotter topic to put us all to bed this evening.  I sent an e-mail out to the most random group of men and women I could think of and asked 3 very personal questions. I swore that their answers would remain anonymous, so I hope no one reading this knows my friends very well!  Hi Laura Sanchez Cross –  I love men in blazers too! Just kidding. Here are the questions:

1. What do you find to be the most sexually appealing look on a man?

2. What do you feel the sexiest wearing?

3.  Which celebrity male/woman or both would you sleep with if you had to choose?

Here we go:

Friend A – Jeans with a tailored button down (preferably Prada) topped with a blazer or cashmere sweater,  Classic Black or White Cocktail Dress,  Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz

Friend B – Silk v-neck with linen pants, sport coat and shoes w/o socks,  Fitted French Lingerie that is peeping out, James Franco

Friend C – Jeans with a rugged tee “You know the Hippie Active Mountain Man” (Not really, No. But I want one too now!),  A white tee with skinny jeans and high heels, TIe b/t Gwyneth Paltrow/Natalie Portman and Ed Burns

Friend D – Skinny jeans with Tom Ford Loafers,  Skinny Jeans with a V-neck Cashmere Sweater and Loafers, Joe Manganiello from “True Blood” (Is that how you spell it? If you’re concerned with spelling this blog may not be for you!)

Friend E – Tux, Cocktail Dress, George Clooney (Some women just know what they want!)

Friend F – Jeans and a Blazer, Short fitted dress with High Heels, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Alec Baldwin (I will take him fat or skinny), Leo AND JLO, Sandra Bullock.

Friend G – Suit and Tie, Black Skirt and Thigh Highs, Megan Fox

Friend H – Spandex at the Gym.  I ended the Q and A portion right here and ignored the name “John Holmes”

Friend I – Khakis, Button Down with a Sweater over it only to be accessorized with a brown belt and shoes (We can only assume this is after he changed out of his La Crosse uniform!)  Fitted dress with high heels,  Matthew Fox “Go Eagles” Sorry I did not mean to say that out loud! (It does not matter, we all know you are from the east coast by now!)

Friend J – Snug Jeans with a Tee Shirt and Blazer, Tight Jeans and hot boots, Bradley Copper

Friend K – Ok it’s my blog. No shame here!

ME – Jeans paired with Tods (no sox) or vintage sneakers, beyond that I am good with a button down, blazer or yummy cashmere sweater. Basically, I like a man to know how to put himself together without trying.

(Side Note – My father is the only man I find handsome in a Tuxedo. He looks distinguished where as most men look like my beloved friends “the penguins”.

I have two extremes of sexy 1. I like to go total glam and hope to be near my mother’s jewelry  2. I like wearing mens clothes. Nothing is more cozy than laying around the house in a shirt or Great China Wall Hoody that smells like my boyfriend.

JFK Junior if he was still alive and Mickey Rourke on a bad day.

The End

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