I spent the last few weeks scouring all of the best online sales at Net-a-Porter, Barney’s, etc., but shopping sale in person is a whole different animal, especially when it comes to department stores. The ultimate example of this is opening day of the Bergdorf Goodman shoe sale in New York. I happened to be in NYC that day and could not ignore all of those unworn, discounted pairs of Valentino, Marni and Aquazurra shoes calling my name!

I was slightly irritated when I walked into Bergdorf’s. The first floor has always been a bit confusing, but the current state of construction brings it to a whole new level. It reminded me of that David Bowie movie, Labyrinth but without Jennifer Connelly (or wait, maybe that was her wrestling over the last size 7 Fendi)! Despite the chaos, it was all worth it when I got up to the second floor. There was a great selection of shoes available in every size!

I have to warn anyone interested in venturing out to this sale about the hostile shopping environment. The Bergdorf shoe sale is no walk in the park. Quite the opposite! If you beat a fellow shopper to a coveted pair of Manolo’s, she will most likely look at you as if you are trying to steal her first born child. In fact, she might even trade you!

It takes a special set of skills to deal with these ladies (and not Liam’s). They are couture clad vultures! You have to be particularly savvy to escape with your sanity and a few great pairs of shoes. Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

1. Do not peruse the racks barefoot.
Everyone is looking up at the shoes not down and where they are walking. Best to escape with all your toes in tact.

2. Grab anything that catches your eye.
You never know until you try and you might as well do so before someone else falls in love with it.

3. Take the time to sit and try on all of your shoes in a space away from the rack.
You never know who or what you will bump into in the middle of the shoe rack.

4. Always try the matching shoe.
It can fit or look different than its partner. It is a rookie mistake to buy a pair of shoes based on just one shoe. Shoes (and feet) are not uniform so don’t take any chances.

5. Carefully review your shoes!
Before you pull the trigger, review to confirm the shoes are the correct size and pair you selected. Plus, take a good hard look at the shoes and take a breath. Be wary of the Sirens song of the sale. Ask yourself whether you would buy the shoes at full price. If the answer is yes – then buy them.

Bonus Tip!

Be extra nice to whoever is helping you. There are always shoes saved or hiding for customers that have been known to magically appear after a little kindness! 🙂

Happy Shopping!