As I mentioned in the first part of Airport Scrutiny, I was criticized by two different women today who work in airport stores. Both of these Nosey Nancys criticized me for buying and spending what was too much in their opinion. This was a rare experience for me. In any other store, I am a retailer’s dream! Apparently not at the airport.

Store 2: I needed a card for a friend this weekend and decided to stop and check out the selection on my way to the gate. I instantly spotted the perfect card and snatched it up before the person next to me started eyeing it. I turned the rack to see if there were any competitors, and there wasn’t even a close second. I did spot a duplicate of my beloved card on the other side of the rack. , so I grabbed card #2 (or should I say 1A) and headed for the register. My logic for purchasing two of the same cards was simple – I have atrocious handwriting!  Much like my walking and driving ability, I cannot write anything close to a straight line. I also write freakishly large and often times run out of room on the card. On top of that, no one has ever mistaken me for one of those weird kids in Spellbound!  God forbid I get it right the first time, I can keep the card and give it to someone else. I mean, how many times do we go to give gifts without a card handy. Anyway, I went to pay and got a very confused look  from the sales clerk. She said, “You realize you are buying two of the same cards, right?”  I said yes which was followed by, ” These cards are so expensive. Why would you buy two?” I gave her the same response I gave to the lady in store 1.  Nothing.

Helpful Note: I keep a selection of cards in my house for every occasion. I highly recommend it. I can’t tell you how many times I was rushing and grabbed a card from that drawer last minute.

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