Everyone who has ever worked or shopped in a store knows that the primary goal of the sales staff is to convince the customer to buy and spend as much as possible. Well not at the airport! I went into two different stores and was criticized by both women behind the register for buying and spending too much!

Store #1:  I wanted a bottle of water and my options were an overpriced bottle of Evian or a less expensive bottle of Dasani. Now I despise Dasani water. Despise.  It was the only water they sold on campus at Boston College, and it tastes like slightly carbonated dirt once it gets hot. I used to drink it and wastefully throw it away when it got warm. As you may have guessed, my next move was to find the nearest cafeteria and pay for another cold one. I took one look at that Dasani bottle today and it made me angry.  When I went to purchase my beloved Evian, the sales clerk said, “This bottle is $4.12. I don’t understand why you would waste your money like that.”  Why? Because it tastes good at all temperatures! That’s why. But I didn’t waste my breath.

Side Note: I once opened up my mini fridge at 3am and took a giant gulp from a Dasani bottle. It was vodka. That memory also plays a role in my irrational hate of the blue bottle.

Side Note to Side Note: I am not an alcoholic! The above story took place when I was 19 and in college. I do not have a mini fridge or bottles of water filled with vodka these days!

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