There is no question that Hollywood has a huge influence on society. We are all accustomed to big blockbuster hits being used to promote merchandise. Batman, Spiderman and Harry Potter are three main examples that stand out in my mind. The number of toys, video games, books, and DVD sets that relate to these movies are astounding! The characters are also so influential that they account for some of the most popular Halloween costumes. How many pint-sized Spidermen and wizards have we seen trick-or-treating around town over the last few years?!


I have recently noticed big blockbusters having a similar effect on adults. For instance, the release of the 50th Anniversary James Bond goes hand in hand with some of the best “adult toys”. I mean who wouldn’t want a bottle of Vintage 2002 Bollinger Champaign packaged as a silencer? Or limited edition Tom Ford sunglasses? A new Omega watch perhaps? There is even an exclusive Skyfall 12 set of OPI nail polish to entice the lades. Personally, I will settle for the Aston Martin DB5 – now that is what I call an adult toy!



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