My last blog focused on my constant search for cool athletic clothing that is not LuLu Lemon. I am not suggesting I found a great alternative, but I did stumble across an interesting athletic clothing line today.  It is called w8fit and pronounced weight fit. The name is cheesy yet clever in my opinion. I like it in the same way that I like a Maroon 5 song if that makes sense to anybody! The line is a tight collection of tops, leggings, shorts and wrist bands. Each garment has slit pockets for inserting weights to enhance your workout. I have not tried on or worked out in anything from w8fit so cannot vouch for appearance or effectiveness. I am not completely sold on the concept, but it does intrigue me. I am actually curious to see if it will take off. The Equinox in 900 N is having a trunk show this weekend if you want to take a look. Personally, I am putting my athletic search on hold. It is much more fun to browse the shoes at Barney’s than the clothes at Equinox!


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