Every time I read a restaurant review, I note the number of dollar signs assigned to each restaurant.  These dollar signs indicate how much I will be spending, who I should dine with and what I should wear.  But how do you prepare for an unlimited amount of dollar signs? You can start with my new favorite website –  http://most-expensive.net/

I stumbled upon this website by chance a few days ago and have become obsessed!  The site provides facts, prices and photos of the most expensive items available throughout the world.  It covers a wide range of categories including domain names, pets, wine, food and fashion.  Almost every category intrigues me in one way or another.  It is difficult to shock me when it comes to prices since I have worked in the luxury market for so long.  However, some of the information on this website managed to do just that.

Some of my favorites from the website include the most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, which comes from Indonesia. A pound of this coffee goes for $600 and a mere cup is priced at $50.  I was also a little taken back by the $1000 bagel which hails from the kitchen of a New York City Westin. The bagel is topped with white truffle cream cheese and a goji berry infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves.  Wow.

On the fashion end, there are many interesting accessories to browse. I gravitated towards the most expensive watch.  It is a Chopard design which includes 201 carats of colored diamonds. It can be yours for 25 million!  This watch is only available in women’s but there are plenty of options for men featured on the site as well. What man wouldn’t want the world’s most expensive car? This hot Bugatti Veyron is marked at 2.3 million.  And this is only the beginning. Check out the site:  http://most-expensive.net/



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