Celebrities make Coachella fashion look effortless, but we all know it is anything but. Stylists put a lot of thought into creating looks for Coachella. The clothes have to be cool, comfortable and camera friendly. It can be tricky to get all three right. Especially when you are dealing with the California heat and an overly crowded space.

There are trends specific to Coachella this year – jewel makeup, bralettes, fringe – the list goes on. While trends vary each year, there are some key dressing points that cannot be ignored when it comes to dressing for Coachella or any other music fest.


Shoes are one of the most important fashion elements when it comes to Coachella. You are going to be on your feet all day in the grass and maybe even mud. Stick to cute flats, booties and cool sneakers. Gladiators and Birkenstock inspired footwear are great as well. Both are comfortable options that capture the whole Boho vibe BUT be mindful of your toes. Open toe shoes can be tricky when navigating your way through hoards of people.

Music Festival Shoe Options


If there has ever been a time to embrace the small bag trend, this is it! All you really need is a phone, ID, credit card and lip gloss. My favorite option is a cross body bag. It stays on your person and will be visible and accessible at all times. Fanny packs are another great option BUT only if it is cool and you are cool.

Bags at Music Festival


There is a reason why denim keeps resurfacing as a trend and can be tied to every genre of music. It is easy. It goes with everything. Denim is the most foolproof option when it comes to Coachella fashion. Anyone who goes already owns a great pair of denim – preferably cut offs. Throw them on with a cool top and call it a day.

Image via Mirror.co.uk


Off the shoulder is very now and very Coachella. Plus, the neckline flatters just about everyone. There are so many great off the shoulder dresses/tops right now. You can even find a great one cheap! Pair either with cool accessories like chokers, headbands, fringe belts or even just statement makeup and your good to go.

Off The Shoulder Looks


Sometimes its best to just keep it simple.

Tracy Clifford Style Dressing for Music Festivals


Take advantage of all the great prints out there. They work so well for Coachella. They are on point fashion wise and easy to spot in a crowd.

Print Dresses for Music Festival Attire


Do not forget your sunglasses. You will need them to mask the sun or whatever/whoever catches your eye at Coachella! I recommend going uber trendy or sticking to classic aviators. It might not be a bad idea to go cheap here – maybe even urban outfitters cheap. Sunglasses tend to be the first thing to go missing when you’re a few bands in!

Sunglasses 2017 for Music Festivals: Tracy Clifford Style


It is so easy to get carried away when it comes to Coachella fashion. Do not try to “look like Coachella” if it’s not you. Over accessorizing is the most common mistake. If you’re not sure, take it off.

Image via HarpersBazaar.com