La Ville

Paris is undeniably a beautiful and charming city. Everyone agrees that the architecture is something to admire and the sheer beauty is inspirational.  One buyer specifically enjoys the way the buildings are illuminated. Personally, I adore the store windows from the pristine bakeries to designer stores. I make a point to visit the Lanvin store every time I am in Paris as Alber Elbaz creates the window display himself.  My favorite to date is one with penguins seated in a row surrounded by shattered antique chandeliers.  While Paris is visually appealing, it is difficult to make almost all accommodations in terms of hotels, reservations, appointments, etc.  I hate to sound like an Amerincan Cliche and will not go as far to say the French are rude, but they are not always the most accommodating. (I promised to stand alone on that one but others might agree!)

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