New Year’s Eve is one of the most gratifying times of the year…  We can savor the great memories from 2014 and put the rest behind us. Remember the past is the past. There is a whole new year ahead of us with a clean slate! There are so many important personal things tied into every New Year. But I am going to stick to what I know – Fashion! Let’s not confuse New Year’s Eve with Halloween. Women of all ages use Halloween as an excuse to dress provocatively. I find that women tend to make similar mistakes when it comes to New Year’s Eve attire. A short hem, plunging neckline and beaded fabric does not necessarily equal an appropriate New Year’s Eve ensemble. I believe the main rule is to understand what looks good on you. The key is to look beautiful, feel confident, be comfortable and dress appropriately for the event. I am not opposed to bandage dresses, onesies, sequins, bling, etc. If it suits the occasion and the individual, I say go for it girl! With that in mind, let me share with you some of the hottest trends you might want to touch on this year.

1. Leather – Leather leggings paired with a beautiful shoe and top are still as hot as ever. A leather dress or garment with leather insets is another great option.

2. The Crop Top – Beautiful when done well. Be careful to make sure the top hits your bodice at the right spot, and that the waist of your pant or skirt is fitted accordingly. This look often requires a tailor to achieve the most flattering dimensions.

3. Sheer Skirt – A sheer skirt that exposes the leg is a fresh beautiful way to ring in the New Year. It is incredibly chic and sexy while leaving just enough to the imagination.  The key to this look is to have the right lining or slip to compliment this ambiguously sexy look . My personal favorite way to embrace this trend is with a lace midi skirt and sexy block heel – so new.

4. The Cut Out – Another great dress option this New Year’s Eve is to wear a dress with a cut out. I recommend a great dress (solid or printed) with a slight cut out in the back or around the center bust area. I like to think of this as a PG rated peep show. It is important to strike a balance between classy and sexy.

5. Evening Short – We have been seeing the evening short on the runway for a while now from top designers like Oscar de la Renta (may he rest in peace) The key is to find a well fitting short that is not too tight in a dressy fabric (silk, taffeta, leather, etc) and pair it with a great shoe and top.

6. The Blazer – A feminine fitted blazer is a great choice for New Year’s Eve. It allows you to represent yourself as a class act without taking away from modern femininity. These blazers are best when paired with a narrow pant, dress short or skirt. Remember to wear a great top underneath the blazer to allow for a different evening look as the night progresses. Also, champagne will be flowing , so do not forget your blazer when the clock strikes midnight!

7. Bring the Bling – There will never be a year when I do not support a little sparkle on New Year’s Eve!! Everyone loves the bling and feels festive when wearing it. My only advice would be to focus your “cha cha cha” in one place. There is no need to bedazzle it out on the your accessories when your ensemble is making the main statement.

8. Embrace the new skirt options – Of course the newest of the new skirts in the midi skirt which hits anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle depending on body shape. The easier, more “NYE” way to go is probably the flare skirt. The style is a short flare skirt that can be a separate or a dress. Even designers like Alexander McQueen and Herve Leger are going this direction for a new, easier shape that appeals to most body shapes.

9. The Blouse – the classic blouse is back! It is easy, classic and goes with everything. Do not hesitate to pair your favorite white button down with sequins, prints or jackets. You might even want to leave one extra button open to bring a more flirty vibe to the party!

*Stylist Note* – Your New Year’s Eve look is not complete without the right hair and makeup. Pay attention to your appearance from the neck up and be sure to have a presentable mani/pedi!

Happy New Year to all! More fashion to come in 2015…