The most popular New Year’s Resolution is always to lose weight. People tend to choose a variety of direct goals to accomplish this such as going to the gym more frequently, eating healthier, loosing x amount of pounds/inches, etc.  Either way, the end goal is the same – to lose weight. I think this is a wonderful goal in the sense that it is important to tend to your health and feel great about yourself all year round. However, I notice every year that people prematurely alter their wardrobe in anticipation for the body they are striving for through their resolution.

It is never a good idea to purchase clothing for the body you want while ignoring the body you currently have. The body is unpredictable and changes in so many different ways when we alter our habits good or bad. I have witnessed people remain the same size and even go up a size when they are in the most incredible shape. On the contrary, I have also seen the opposite happen to women who gain weight. An increase in weight can cause us to lose muscle and definition which may actually decrease size.  It is crucial to keep in mind that clothing from every designer and store runs differently. Factors like cut, fabric and stretch all play a role in size. I have never heard of a person being the exact same size in every garment they own. In reality no one knows what size your clothing is but you. If it truly bothers you then cut out the tag!

That being said, the best way I like to view the most popular New Year’s Resolution is to look better and feel better. Once this goal is accomplished, you will love the way you look in your clothes regardless of the size.

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